About John Marshall Photography

John Marshall began taking pictures at age 7 shooting black and white film with a box camera. For his 12th birthday he recieved a 35mm camera. At the time all settings were manual and the camera required a hand held light meter. John went on to shooting medium format and 4 x 5 film cameras. In 2003 he began experimenting with digital cameras and now does most of his shooting with Canon EOS digital cameras. John comes from a long line of people with an interest in the outdoors. His education is fisheries and wildlife, with a M.S. degree from the University of Idaho. As a photographer he is self taught. As a supplier of images he takes a great deal of interest in his subject matter, and is an excellant source of information to go along with his pictures. Although John is best known for his outdoor imagery through the books and calendars of his that have been published, he can also do indoor photography. He enjoys working with subjects under studio lighting. John is also very good at aerial photography which he does from fixed wing aircraft.
John Marshall has been taking pictures for over fifty years, and has been in the photography business for thirty. He has shot twin lens reflex cameras, 4x5 field cameras, medium format cameras, 35mm film cameras and now digital 35mm cameras. He has done several coffee table books and dozens of calendars.

To learn more about John, go to his personal website www.johnmarshallphoto.com